Top 5 CRM Systems for Small Business

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Top 5 CRM Systems for Small Business

Did you know that according to research conducted by Google and CEB, "customers that are emotionally connected to a brand are twice as likely to purchase a product or service, and are four-times as likely to defend their purchase decisions? As a small business, you have a responsibility to do everything within your power to make that connection happen for your clients. In order to do that, you need to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

Customer Relationship Management systems are software applications that collect and analyze information on customers in order to help businesses understand the needs and preferences of their customers. Basically, they manage all information related to a business’s relationship with its customers, from previous purchases and agreements to questionnaires and surveys, which gives the business insight into how to better personalize services for its clients. In a previous post, we covered the advantages of CRM in small businesses, but in this article we’re going to take a closer look at five of the top CRM systems specifically for small businesses.


When most people in the business arena think of software geared towards sales, Salesforce is most likely the first one that comes to mind. Salesforce has been around for almost 20 years and is undoubtedly the most popular CRM software out there today. It can be used for both large and small businesses, but the particular edition for small businesses is called Lightning Essentials. This package is one that offers the same quality and functionality that larger businesses receive, with the option of upgrading as the business grows. The scalability of the software is actually one of the best aspects of using Salesforce for CRM. Instead of your business outgrowing the product and needing to switch to and pay for another service, Salesforce grows with you.


Another popular CRM option for small businesses is HubSpot. This company offers a free version of its software that covers all the basics: keeping track of company activities, management of contacts and profiles, assigning and tracking deals, and managing all of the acquired data in a dashboard that is accessible by all team members. Many other companies offer free versions as well, but they tend to limit clients or almost even trick them into having to purchase a subscription. The HubSpot version is completely free and complete quality. Therein lies the reason we selected this as one of our top picks. Although there is a paid option that allows for greater functionality, the free option is a great way to get your free wet in CRM and see how it can improve processes in your organization.


One of the top-rated choices for CRM software among small businesses is Insightly. It is considered to be one of the best because it is mostly directed towards small businesses in what it offers, whereas other companies tend to gear their services to larger businesses and then add in packages for smaller businesses. Insightly’s best quality though is that it gives users both macro and micro views of their activities as it tracks projects, tasks, and milestones. Unlike many of its competitors, Insightly helps your team keep the bigger picture in mind instead of just giving you a to-do list for daily activities. This software even gives suggestions on how your small business can best utilize the data that has been gathered.


Zoho is another company that is primarily focused on small businesses. In fact, small businesses have always been its focus, as its tools were developed specifically for that target group set. One of Zoho’s best traits is that it is extremely user-friendly, as it has a reputation for having tools that are modern, yet easy for users to implement and integrate. And like HubSpot, Zoho offers a free version for up to three users, which makes it an ideal choice for small businesses just starting out with CRM.


Implementing CRM software into your business’s sales process is not always the easiest task, so software like Pipedrive, which is known for its simplicity, is a good option. Pipedrive has a short learning curve and is extremely user-friendly. Customization is another key factor in what makes this company one of our top picks. Not all CRM software offers opportunities for customization, but with Pipedrive, you can create custom products and customize the forms and features that you would like to make available to your team. There is also a free option for this software, which allows you to test it out risk-free.

CRM software is meant to improve the quality of relationship that businesses have with their customers. Not only can it make your customers happy, but in the long-term it can bring substantial benefits to your business. It goes without saying though that not every CRM system works for every business. The best option, whenever searching for CRM software for your small business, is to find experts who can help you with this process. At Tuxedo Impressions LLC, we specialize in discovering the unique needs of small businesses and incorporating CRM systems to enhance their workflow and profit margin. If you need help in this area, contact us today.

~ S. Wasike, Team Tuxedo Impressions LLC™