We take your vision and make it your reality.

What makes your small business unique? There are undoubtedly a number of factors that set your organization apart from others in its field, but did you know that the way you approach your organization’s operational needs must be equally unique? Becoming a well-oiled machine is not something that happens overnight! Therefore, our approach is to customize a solution for your small business that will help ensure that the right processes, people, and technology are in place to make your organization stand out from the rest.

Our Specialties & Areas of Focus

Organizational Communication for Small Businesses

organizational communication

Administrative Procedures for Small Businesses

administrative procedures

Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Inventory Management

Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management

We are your solution to sustain small business growth.

Whether your organization needs a team to systematize its operations for seamless coordination between departments, or to organize data for an automatic workflow, or to identify key performance indicators, you can count on us to streamline that process.

With the use of innovative technology for small businesses and integrative applications, we match your organization's small business strategy with tailor-made procedures and processes. Suit up with our tailored service options to ensure your small business presents a tuxedo impression to your clients, customers and employees. 

Our Services For You

Small business process improvement plans

Process Improvement Plans

consulting in small business process improvement


small business workshops


We help you improve scalability in your small business.

When your organization has been effectively established and business is consistent, the last thing you want is to be in a position where decisions are made reactively instead of proactively. Let us help you develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your small business that will put the right systems, people, and technology in place to ensure that you are able to handle customer demand and changes in volume. Improve your small business customer service, sales, and production capacity with well-defined procedures.

Harmonize Your Small Business

harmonize your SMALL business

Are you struggling to keep up with the various moving parts of your organization? Do you need better defined policies? Are your employees solving recurring problems with inconsistent methods? We can you help create organized small business workflows that extend across departments.

Equip Your Nonprofit

equip your NonProfit

Nonprofits typically have limited resources to help them achieve their goal of making an impact in society. Is your organization using its limited resources to manage operational issues instead of the mission? We can help design processes that will allow your team to run the business systems instead of the other way around!

transition and consolidate

transition & consolidate

Your business is growing. It's time to move from owner-operated to operated. When you partner with us we can help you establish policies, administer procedures, and coordinate your teams so that you can focus on sales and marketing. You don't have to do it alone. Let us help you identify key performance indicators in your small business today.

Efficiency in small businesses. We help you get it done.

Tuxedo Impressions LLC enables efficiency in your small business by systematizing the operations of your organization. We customize small business systems, using modern integrative applications. The support we provide streamlines the implementation of policies, the creation of automatic workflows and the development of step-by-step processes and best practices. Our service results in a small business solution that will increase your organization's production capacity, alleviating the stress of running your small business. Together we'll develop SOPs for your small business that allow both you and your organization to focus on other important business aspects such as sales, client acquisition, fund development and product development. Make an impression with your organization today by implementing a process improvement plan specifically tailored to your company's culture.

Our Values & Promise to You

Quality Results

Quality Results

consistent communication

Consistent Communication

an organized workflow

An Organized Workflow