Narrow in on what is important in your small business.

How you operate your business, the way you treat your customers, and how your employees speak to each other are key elements in your performance capacity and small business growth. When you partner with Tuxedo Impressions LLC we begin with creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are inline with your small business policies. Once that is completed, we focus on strengthening or creating business systems to ensure the related areas are both functional and scalable.

We Implement Process Improvement In Your Small Business through These Services


Process Improvement Plans

We work with you to development a tailored process improvement plan that's specific to your organization. We offer three investment options. Giving you the opportunity to select what's best for your small business.

consulting in process improvement


Our consulting packages are meant to help you identify current needs in your operations and administrative procedures. We will work with you to improve current SOPs and establish new process improvement plans for your small business.

workshops in process improvements


Our signature workshops are designed to provide you with the tools and resources needed to establish efficiency in your organization. The material presented will allow for a hands on experience in recognizing areas of opportunity and improving your small business systems.

Our specialties and areas of focus are...

Organizational Communication, Administrative Procedures, Inventory Management, and Customer Relationship Management

Our specialties are supported by a suite of services to properly implement small business systems.

We support our areas of focus, organizational communication, administrative procedures, inventory management and customer relationship management with strategies that will develop and define the people, processes, and technology in your small business.

In addition to tailored service throughout our relationship, we provide our clients with the following support services:

Integration & Automation of  Workflows

We integrate as much software and cloud applications as possible for automation to minimize user error.

Training & Development in Small Businesses

We train personnel directly impacted by the process improvement plan on how to use any new technology that has been implemented.

After Contract Support - Exclusive Client Portal

We continue to offer support services to your organization even after our work has been completed.

Professional Etiquette & Best Practices

We work with you to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward with your customers by embedding industry best practices.

Research & Development

We provide modern solutions base on up-to-date research of the best policies and technologies within your industry.

Process Mapping for Small Businesses

We list all the operational tasks required to run your small business and assign ownership of those tasks for accountability and responsibility.

Cloud Application & Customization

We utilize and implement modern cloud applications that are specific to your industry to assist in carrying out processes.

Operational / Administrative Support for Small Businesses

We offer ongoing small business support to select organizations that have benefited from one of our process improvement plans.

Get the best value in your small business for your money.

When shopping for a suit you not only search for a great tailor, but you also calculate your cost per wear. Tuxedo Impressions LLC applies this concept when tailoring your small business's operational needs. We ensure that the suit we design is a perfect and customized fit for your organization. Remember, we're a team in this. When you look good, we look good!

Our clients can choose from a variety of billing arrangements in order to get the best value for their money. Allow Tuxedo Impressions LLC to support your small business by being there when you need us the most, on the most cost-effective basis for you.

Contact us today to discover which of our small business invoicing options will cover you perfectly and allow you to focus on what you do best, in style

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Consulting Pricing

Retainer Pricing

Retainer Pricing

Project Pricing

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