Serving small businesses wherever you are.

When you partner with us to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your small business the result will be a fully functional organization that allows you to focus on revenue and growth. Tuxedo Impressions LLC specializes in helping clients identify the specific resources and small business technology that fit their particular needs.

Industries We've Served

Insurance Agencies | Retailers | Design Firms | Nonprofits | Janitorial Firms | Construction Technicians | Real Estate Agencies | Salons | Bakeries | Domestic Manufacturers| Progressive Organizations ...and more!

Small Business

harmonize your small business

  • Eliminate antiquated systems and replace them with innovative small business technology that will maximize even the most minimal resources to increase your productivity.

  • Reduce user error and better your organization's employee experience by automating repeated processes.

  • Create or restructure your on-boarding process and small business client management to ensure your business doesn't miss a step.


equip your nonprofit

  • Instead of using individuals to run your organization, why not try using small business technology to create business systems that will better manage your workflow.

  • Relieve yourself from being overwhelmed with administrative duties. Expand your reach by automating some of those tasks.

  • Plan and coordinate a successful fundraising event with our step-by-step processes and small business best practices.


transition & consolidate

  • Are you struggling to do it all yourself? Create business systems today that will establish a strong and efficient foundation for your tomorrow.

  • Set up office processes to streamline your interactions and keep your sales pipeline full.

  • Boost your team's confidence by forming small business policies that will govern and guide their productivity.

Outsource your way to better small business operations.


  • Get more done in less time using less resources.

  • Discover an alternative to hiring full time employees.

  • Free up your small business internal resources and reallocate resources.

small business Automation

  • Reduced the need to be hands on with electronically operated business systems.

  • Established processes that work for your small business.

  • Maintain consistency in output.


  • Remove limitations to clear small business communication.

  • Create more flexibility for market expansion.

Reduced Costs

  • Enjoy the benefits of lower operating expenses for your small business.

  • Control and/or reduce your small business overhead costs.

Training & Development 

  • Have a documented, organized system thats makes it easier to train employees.

  • Solve problems in a consistent manner.

  • Keep your employees engaged.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Bring business closer to the customer.

  • Increase your response time.

  • Improve clients satisfaction by avoiding small business administrative errors and delays.

Small Business Scalability

  • Build a strong foundation for business growth.

  • As you expand, increase prospective opportunities and achieve a higher sales ratio.