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Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ enables efficiency in your small business by systematizing the operations of your organization. We customize small business systems, using modern integrative applications. The support we provide streamlines the implementation of policies, the creation of automatic workflows and the development of step-by-step processes and best practices. Our service results in a small business solution that will increase your organization's production capacity, alleviating the stress of running your small business. Together we'll develop SOPs for your small business that allow both you and your organization to focus on other important business aspects such as sales, client acquisition, fund development and product development. Make an impression with your organization today by implementing a process improvement plan specifically tailored to your company's culture.

OUR Mission

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ mission is to help your small business create efficiency in its daily operations to sustain business growth by using technology that will support your company values and cultures.

For some small businesses formalizing policies, organizing operations and putting business systems in place can be challenging. Organization in any operation is a major component to its success. We help small businesses standardized their business process so they are scalable.  


We promise to be consistent in performance and deliver completed projects. We value quality results, consistent communication and an organized workflow.

Quality Results

Quality Results

Consistent Communication

Consistent Communication

an organized workflow

An Organized Workflow

In 2015 when I hired Tuxedo Impressions to help our company, they were working with me, the person. Within 4 months of clear goals and implementations, they were working with Clean Slate, the company and helping us grow. Because of our relationship with Tuxedo Impressions we traded in “Trying to figure things out” for “focusing on what we do best.”
— G. Sprauve, Clean Slate Janitorial Services, Image Consultant Firm in Orlando, FL
I hired Tuxedo Impressions to do the automation for my client on-boarding process. They understood my needs, researched the right products and programs to work with what we already had in place and implemented quickly. They helped train my team on how to set up systems in the future, even preparing screenshots and videos tutorials. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend having a consultation to see how your business can save time and money!
— R. Garrepy, Regena Garrepy LLC, Training Director, Certified Coach, Speaker in Orlando, FL

Why we choose to help you put the pieces together.

Jamara Wilson is Founder and Business Process Analyst at Tuxedo Impressions LLC
There is more than one way to solve an equation. Many solutions to one problem. But the solution you want is the one that is right for you.
— Jamara Wilson, Founder & Business Process Analyst at Tuxedo Impressions LLC™

Founded on the notion that an unorganized employer causes frustration with its employees and a lack of faith in the business from its customer, Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ opened its doors the fall of 2014 to alleviate the internal challenges of your small business.

We believe that the norm of a business doesn't have to represent its culture. But instead, create an environment where employees are comfortable doing their jobs and strengthening their talents. An environment where customers experience the same culture that's alive within an organization.

I started Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ to help formulate the culture of a small business. This formula is the sum of business systems and processes, multiplied by an identified culture, equals efficiency. My vision is that we help many small businesses remedy the stresses of business operations in its empire.

Our commitment to small business corporate responsibility.

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ support nonprofit organizations with a hands on approach in the community.

Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ volunteers with Junior Achievement of Central Florida. We participate monthly in teaching their programs around business, leadership and entrepreneurship to High School and Middle School students in Orange County Florida.

Junior Achievement of Central Florida (JA) works with K-12 students in the community teaching them to better understand economics, financial literacy and business principles to help them make smarter decisions in their future.

For more information about Junior Achievement of Central Florida (JA) or to donate. Click here to visit their website.

Our Support of Local Non-Profits

We understand the lack of resources that some small local nonprofits have to make their impact on society. To help them with their effort, every team member of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ volunteers a specific number of hours to a local nonprofit of their choice in their community each quarter.

 Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with Junior Achievement of Central Florida

 Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness

 Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with NABA Greater Orlando ACAP

Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ with NABA Greater Orlando ACAP

Let's talk. We offer a no cost hour of consulting for your small business.

Have you heard enough? Are you ready to get started with putting the zen back in your small business? Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ is ready to speak with you.


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